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Dear Locker Holders,
Keeping in view the safety, security & insurability of your valuable placed in the lockers, you are advised to avoid keeping any liquid &/or contraband items.
Furthermore, keeping cash (local or foreign currency) inside the locker may also be avoided, as the humidity and heat may adversely affect these bank notes & the limitations of insurance coverage may also apply under these circumstances.

Lockers are available at selected branches at very nominal rates in following dimensions:

  1. Small (6.5”Wx5.5”Hx21.5”D)
  2. Medium (13.5”Wx5.5”Hx21.5”D)
  3. Large (13.5”Wx9.5”Hx21.5”D)

Customers will be provided complete privacy in operating their lockers. Lockers are secured from external and internal threats through advance safety mechanism.

For charges details please visit schedule of charges section of our website.

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