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The issue and use of SME ATM “24-HOUR CASH CARD” shall be governed by the following terms and conditions:


  • In these terms and conditions, the following abbreviations are used:
    “ATM” – means Automated Teller Machine at any branch / place.
    “BANK” – means SME Bank Limited
    “CARD” – means SME ATM- “24-HOUR CASH CARD” including supplementary card
    “PIN” – means Personal identification Number
    “CARD HOLDER” – means the person(s)/proprietorship/partnership firm/company/corporation/Institution, maintaining account(s) with Bank to whom or on whose request/behalf card(s) has/have been issued by the Bank and authorized to utilize the ATM services
  • The CARD shall only be used by the CARD HOLDER and is not transferable. If the CARD HOLDER authorizes anybody else to use his/her Card, despite this prohibition, then he/she will be exclusively responsible for any and all risks and consequences.
  • The CARD HOLDER shall, at no time and under no circumstances, disclose to any person, whomsoever, his/ her PIN allotted for operating the ATM of the Bank.
  • The CARD HOLDER undertakes to accept full responsibility to maintain sufficient funds in his/her account(s) to meet withdrawal(s) effected through the use of his/her CARD and he/she undertakes not to overdraw the account unless prior arrangements to this effect have been made with the BANK.
  • In the event of the CARD HOLDER, at any time, drawing an amount in excess of the credit balance, either inadvertently or deliberately, he/she shall be bound to repay the amount overdrawn’ immediately on demand, along with liquidated damages at the rate of Twenty percent (@ 20%) on the amount overdrawn.
  • The CARD HOLDER further undertakes to accept full responsibility for all transactions made by the-use of the CARD whether or not made with his/her knowledge or authority and he/she shall accept the BANK’S record of transaction(s) as binding for all purposes.
  • The CARD HOLDER also undertakes to pay all taxes, ceases, levies and/or duties leviable on ATM transactions by any Government (Federal/Provincial/Local) from time to time.
  • The CARD HOLDER further undertakes to pay all bank charges in respect of entrance fee, annual subscription, renewal/replacement fee of the CARD and/or service charge etc. The BANK will be entitled to recover all such charges/fees etc at prevalent or enhanced rates from the account of CARD HOLDER at any time and at its discretion and no request or claim for refund would be entertained by the BANK.
  • The CARD HOLDER hereby irrevocably authorizes the BANK to debit (without any prior notice to the CARD HOLDER), the account(s) of the CARD HOLDER with the BANK, for the amount of any withdrawal, transfer and/or transaction involving the use of the CARD at the ATM of the Bank, whether or not made by his/her knowledge or by his/her authority.
  • In the event of loss or theft of the CARD, the CARD HOLDER shall immediately notify such loss or theft to ATM Customer Services of SME Bank Ltd. 56-F, Nazim-ud-din Road, F-6/1, Blue Area, P.O Box 1587, Islamabad.(in eriting) as quickly as possible. Loss or theft of the CARD can also be intimated on Toll Free # 080000888 by the CARD HOLDER followed by written confirmation. The BANK without accepting any responsibility or liability for the transaction(s). If any made, will make all endeavors to stop the transaction(s) on the lost or stolen CARD. It is, however, clear that the BANK shall, in no case be liable for any transaction and the account(s) of the CARD HOLDER will be debited accordingly.
  • For joint account(s) which are operated on the signature(s) of any one or more of the ACCOUNT HOLDERS, all the joint ACCOUNT HOLDERS will be, jointly and severally, liable for all transactions processed by the use of the CARD and the terms and conditions herein shall be jointly and severally binding on all the ACCOUNT HOLDERS and, as the context requires, termed herein, denoting the singular, shall include the plural and vice versa.
  • The BANK shall not be responsible for any and all consequences, if the transactions involving the use of the CARD are not honored or operative for any reason, whatsoever, or if there is any mal-functioning and/ or failure of the ATM.
  • The CARD issued to the CARD HOLDER shall remain, at all times, the property of the BANK and shall be surrendered to the BANK on demand, The BANK, at its sole discretion, reserves the right, at all times, to terminate the arrangement, cancel or withdraw the ATM CARD or refuse to reissue, renew or replace the ATM CARD without assigning any reason or giving prior notice to the CARD HOLDER.
  • The BANK shall, in no case, be liable to the CARD HOLDER, for non-availability of ATM services for any reason, whatsoever, including any mechanical fault, communication Lines failure or power break-down etc.
  • The BANK shall be entitled to alter, amend and/or add to these terms and maybe conditions, from time to time, as the BANK in its absolute discretion think fit, without giving any prior notice to the CARD HOLDER and the terms and conditions so altered/amended and/or added to, ought to be effective and binding on the CARD HOLDER. The CARD HOLDER’s use of the CARD shall, at all times, be subject to all the terms and conditions currently in force for the time being, irrespective of the CARD HOLDER’s actual receipt of the BANK’s notices or knowledge thereof.
  • A transaction processing fee of withdrawal amount will be charged as per bank’s rules as amended from time to time.

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