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This type of loan is availed by the borrower to acquire fixed assets (immovable properties i.e. land and buildings and machinery).The loan carries a predetermined length of time (tenor), with repayments based on repayment schedule with equal monthly, quarterly or mutually agreed repayment frequency installments.

Product Features

  • Available for fixed assets investment needs of a business.
  • Avail finance facility from Rs.0.5 Million to Rs.100 Million
  • Tenor is three to seven years.
  • Upto 12 months grace period for repayment of installments.
  • Repayment in equal monthly installments or periodic installments depending upon the nature of business & cashflow trend as deemed appropriate by the approving authority/committee.
  • Mark-up rate: 1 year KIBOR + 7.5% p.a (adjusted annually)
  • Fast track processing for business existing over two years
  • Mortgage of urban residential/commercial/industrial properties acceptable to the bank (Maximum financing will be 70% of Forced Sale Value of the security & collateral).
  • Hypothecation of Plant & Machinery/stocks (with 25% margin)
  • Personal Guarantees of sponsor/partner/directors.Third party Guarantee(optional).

Cash Near Cash Security with 10 to 20% margin..

* Amount benchmarked for SME’s, Corporate clients may go beyond the set limit

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