How to Apply

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Who can Apply

  • Sole proprietors, partnership firms and all other legal entities
  • For setting up new business and expansion of existing business
  • Bank Account desirable


Step 1:

  • Copy of CNIC, photograph & bank statement of sponsor
  • Tax Returns & property documents offered as security
  • Audited accounts (if loan is more than 10 million)/ Financials for last two years preferably
  • Detail & valuation of stock, plant & Machinery
  • Personal Guarantees

Collateral / Security

  • Mortgages (Urban property)
  • Hypothecation of plants & machinery/stocks
  • Pledge of Government Securities
  • Lien on Deposits/Term Certificates

Step 2:

Submit Application in the nearest branch. [Branch Network]
From initial assessment and documentary evidence verification, a maximum of 30 days till loan approval*.
* Depending upon completion of required documents.

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