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Specialized product designed for individuals/entities to avail monthly profit on fixed term deposits. Profit is credited automatically, on monthly basis, in customer’s account that can be withdrawn from our branches as well through ATM card. Customer shall also avail the other facilities and banking services against the basic account of his/her choice.

Product Features

  • Profit payable on monthly basis. (Rewarding profit rates)
  • No maximum limit of funds
  • Automatic transfer of funds/profit to customer’s choice account
  • Free issuance of ATM card against customer’s account.
  • SMS Alerts facility on subscription
  • Customer can avail “ Financing” against term deposits
  • Premature encashment facility available (conditions apply)

Available Tenures

  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years

Special Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum deposit limit : Rs. 100,000/-

General Terms & Conditions

  • *All profit rates are subject to change without giving any notice to the customers
  • Withholding tax and Zakat is applicable as per law/rules
  • **Premature encashment of Fixed Terms Deposit and Mahana Amdan Accounts is permissible (Conditions apply).

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