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SME is now offering Direct Cheque Deposit Facility which enables customers of other Banks to deposit crossed SME Bank cheque in their favor, to a SME Bank branch instead of depositing with their bank, for transfer of funds in their account in minimum time.

Products Features

  • Present such cheques up to RTGS STP cut –off timings, already displayed on branch notice board. Cheques presented afterwards shall be processed on next working
  • Provide necessary details including your IBAN, Title of Account, CNIC and mobile number on the back of the cheque, along with request on Banks’s prescribed
  • Attach copy of CNIC. Original is required for viewing & returning

Note: Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) having expiry date after September 01,2019 are deemed valid till July 01,2020 as per NADRA letter dated March, 18,2020

  • No charges will be deducted for such transactions.

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