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02-10-2019: Celebration Award of Half Yearly Target achievement and Highest Deposit by Islamabad Branch.

30-08-2019: SME Bank's Employees observing Kashmir Hour.

02-07-2019: Celebration of Half Yearly Target achievement by Islamabad Branch.

02-01-2019: Tea Party hosted by CEO in acknowledgement of Islamabad Branch’s highest Deposit

01-01-2019: Tea Party By President & CEO, Dilshad Ali Ahmed

29-11-2018: Farewell party of Group Head Credit & Legal, Raja Muhammad Altaf

16-10-2018: Ihsan-ul-haq Farewell party of President & CEO, Mr. Ihsan-ul-haq Khan

30-05-2018: Member institution Agreement Between SME Bank Ltd & Virtual Remittance Gateway

07-12-2015: Inauguration of Locker Facility at Islamabad Branch

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