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This Code of Ethics lays down the fundamental principles and professional conducts expected of all employees serving in SME Bank Ltd throughout Pakistan.

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Compliance

The standard set out in this code will be regarded as the minimum standard of ethical behavior to be observed by all employees. They are further reflected in the detail of actual Codes of Practice which have been adopted on various aspects of banking and which are published as part of this document. This Code of Ethics will serve as a model for individual employees, who are free to adopted additional measures as and when required and to integrate it in to their existing codes.

1. Integrity

(a) All employees are required to behave with integrity and honesty in their dealings.
i. With customers and other parties with whom they interact and
ii. in respect of all internal matters.
(b) Circumstances may arise where an employee directly or indirectly hold a business interest which conflicts with the bank’s interest. In order to ensure that the bank makes objective decisions, employees must declare in advance that internal authority, and they may be required by the bank that relates to such personal conflicts.
(c) Employees must not solicit or accept gifts, sponsorships, hospitality services which would compromise, or keep the appearance of compromising, their position or any business decision take by on behalf of their employer, however an employee may except a gift that does not exceed a value of Rs. 100/- or otherwise as decided by the management of the bank.
(d) No employee should borrow money from and led to any employee of the bank unless prior permission from the competent authority is already sought.

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